Amie Skincare Review

I’m just your ordinary girl who likes to wander around her local drugstore, looking at the various products on the shelves. Mostly of the beauty and skincare variety just to see what’s new.

One day, during one of my lunchtime browsing sessions at Shoppers Drug Mart (or SDM for short!), I noticed a line of cute and colorful packaging in the natural skincare section. Amie Skincare. Okay. I have never heard of this brand before but it might be something to check out one day. I will admit, my curiosity got to me.

Much to my surprise, I soon received an email from a PR rep asking if I wanted to try some of these products out. Coincidence? Maybe. My answer: Why not? I was super excited to finally be trying this line.

And boy oh boy, after using the products for a few weeks now, am I ever glad that I was introduced to this line! Bonus that it’s a natural skincare line, as well.

But let’s start at the beginning.

A little bit of background on Amie as a company, it is an award winning brand from the UK. It was created by Fiona Parkhouse, for her daughter Samantha, in a search for products that were not too harsh on young skin. They don’t test on animals and the products are dermatologically tested. It’s pH-balanced which is great for your skin. And the best part? It’s all natural! There are no parabens, mineral oils, suphates, petrochemicals and animal extracts (so yes, this is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, too!).

All of this scores big in my books because I’m all for natural products with minimal chemicals where it makes sense and where it agrees with my skin.

Now a little bit of background information on my skin. I have combination skin – more dry in the winter, more oily in the summer. My skin is also very sensitive and can be prone to eczema so I like to be as careful as I can with my skincare routine. Usually I know how my skin will react to a skincare product right away, within one or two uses. I also suffer from hormonal acne. I pretty much know when something may sneak up on me and appear on my face.

So far I have been using this for two weeks now with no negative side effects. Score!

And now for my Amie Skincare review. I received two products to try out: Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash and Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer.


amie skincare morning clear purifying factial wash


Amie Skincare Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash was a lovely surprise! It is said to be a “moisturizing facial was for clear, soft skin”. I am currently using this for both morning and in the evening and I am finding it to be very gentle on my skin. I don’t find it very drying at all and my face doesn’t have that “squeaky clean” tight feeling. Instead, your skin still feels moisturized and I found that my skin felt very soft and smooth. The scent of this cleanser is very nice. Not too strong and actually quite relaxing. Very floral. I like it!

The one thing I miss is that it doesn’t lather because I love a foamy cleanser. But seeing as it is a 100% soap-free cleanser, this is pretty much expected. The results are so great that I’m willing to overlook this! 😉 Overall, I’m very happy with this cleanser and will continue to use it. This is an excellent natural cleanser!


amie skincare morning dew matt-finish moisturizer


The other product that I tried is the Amie Skincare Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer. I apply this moisturizer on top of my serum as a daytime moisturizer. While the scent is stronger than what I’m used to in a moisturizer, it still smells nice. Very fragrant and very floral.

I find that this moisturizer absorbs quickly and you don’t need to use very much of it. Afterwards, you end up with skin so soft and smooth with a matte finish. It has definitely helped with my dry spots, that’s for sure.

This product came into my life at the right time. Summer is here! The big appeal for me is that the matte finish will be great for the summer when my skin tends to be a bit oilier. That will help me not look so shiny when I’m out in the sun, which is great! This would also be great to take on tropical getaways and the like. The only downside I can think of is that it does not contain an SPF. But that’s not a huge deal. It just means you have to apply a sunscreen too and there are many lines, from affordable to higher end, that offer this. It would just be handy if it was included. 😉

At the end of the day, I really like these two products from Amie and I will definitely continue using them in my daily summer routine. They have made that big of an impact on me! I would happily try other products in this line!

If you are interested in trying Amie products out and you are in Canada, you can find them at your local SDM at very reasonable and affordable prices. I have even seen them on sale sometimes so keep a lookout for that! Otherwise, if you are in the UK or US, you can find where you can buy it in stores here or you can always purchase directly from the Amie Skincare site. A nice perk? They offer free international shipping. You can’t go wrong with that. Though, if it is coming from the UK, I am not sure about any customs fees.

Have you tried Amie Skincare before? Let me know our thoughts in the comments below! I would love to hear what you think. 🙂



Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for editorial consideration. The thoughts expressed in this post are all my own and are in no way influenced in any way, shape or form. I only provide honest reviews from my experience with the products. This post does not contain any referral or affiliate links.


not so foamy but still a nice cleanser
not so foamy but still a nice cleanser


such a creamy, hydrating moisturizer - with no shine! :)
such a creamy, hydrating moisturizer – with no shine! 🙂