Unboxing: Color By Amber Color Club January 2017 – Be a Goal Getter

color by amber color club january 2017


Happy Monday!

It has been a few months now since I last accepted a Color by Amber Color Club Box. I wanted to really use what jewelry pieces I already had – and trust me, I have A LOT. 😉 My will power got me through for the most part… until I saw the January reveal. I broke my No Buy because I knew I had to get it!

Before we get to the unboxing, you may be asking “What is Color Club?”

Color Club is a monthly jewelry subscription box from the company Color By Amber. If you would like to learn more about CBA and what an amazing and caring company they are, please see my first unboxing post here. The subscription box costs $59.95 CAN plus taxes each month but you can skip months (or gift that month’s box to a friend) as long as you respond before the deadline. But when you do find a set that you love, it is totally worth it. Totally. I can tell you there are pieces from past Color Club’s boxes that I wear all the time. The contents of the boxes are unique and available for that month only and only through Color Club.


color by amber color club january 2017


Formalities aside, here is January’s Color Club unboxing!

First, let’s take a look at the box. I haven’t accepted in months so the box itself was a pleasant surprise to me!  The packaging has changed! It is so cute, I love it! When you open it up, it shows you the months theme and there are two compartments. On the left, it’s your Color Club goodies. On the right, it’s any other pieces you ordered when you accepted your Color Club. You do get 20% off any additional pieces you decide to add on. In my case, I didn’t purchase anything this month so the right compartment was empty.


color by amber color club january 2017


January’s theme is Be a Goal Getter. How perfect is this for the first month of a new year?  While most  Color Club boxes come with a couple of pieces of jewelry, this month, it’s just one. But it’s totally okay! I will explain why in a little bit.

This month, it was a gorgeous charm bracelet with a whole lot of meaning behind it. They really said it best in their reveal email where they said

Each charm in this set will help you along every step in the goal reaching process. Just take a look at your wrist whenever you feel yourself slipping; and whether it’s time for a checkpoint or time to take action, your January Color Club will be there.


color by amber color club january 2017

color by amber color club january 2017


Each charm has a meaning behind it meant to be a reminder to get that goal! There are five charms included on the bracelet. Here is a description of each charm:

Take Aim – arrow charm
This charm features the Full Circle Interlayer called “Knotted Blaze”. Artisans in Nepal weave together two of their most popular interlayers – hand-knotted hemp and blue, shimmery lurex threads – into this new combo. I just love the colour of this one!

Act Now – bar with Color By Amber tag charm
This charm features the Beauty Interlayer called “Sweater”. I have the Sweater cuff so I love this interlayer! It’s a knit fabric with some gold interweaved into it. Super cozy!

Checkpoint – flower charm
This charm features the Full Circle Interlayer called “Grey Leaves”. These are prayer leaves that are made by Artisans in China that pound the leaf so that it only reveals a skeleton.

Follow Through – circle charm
This charm features the Sustainable Interlayer called “Gilded Denim”. This one is recycled denim with a splash of metallic gold!

Goal-Getter – diamond charm
This charm features the Full Circle Interlayer called “Beam” which is probably one of my favourite interlayers of all time! I have earrings in this, too. 🙂 This charm features lurex fibers weaved together by Artisans in Nepal. There is also a crystal on it that I love!


color by amber color club january 2017


I have had this bracelet for a few days now and just love it! The mix of colours are pretty neutral so it can go with just about anything in your wardrobe and is such a versatile piece! I have worn it alone. I have worn it with other Skinnies. Either way works! The bracelet is gold so you can use it to dress your outfit up but the charms make it fun so you can dress it down and wear it with something casual. Plus, you can wear it with just one charm or all of the charms!

Now going back to my previous comment where I mentioned that I was okay with this being the only piece of jewelry I received in this Color Club Box. There is a reason behind this. The charms can come off the bracelet so you can use it as pendants on a chain and wear it as a necklace! You can use one charm for a dainty look, a few charms for a bit more colour, or heck, you could probably put them all on a chain and wear these as a necklace! Regardless of the chain length, any one of these would also make beautiful pendants.


color by amber color club january 2017


How’s that for a versatile piece that also reminds you to be the best you can be?

I truly loved this month’s box and I’m super happy to have added this bracelet to my collection of CBA jewelry. It’s a great way to accessorize and it’s a great reminder that, whatever you have your mind set on this year, you can do it!

Interested in some Color By Amber goodies? You don’t have to subscribe to this box to get jewelry. In fact, they are having their winter sale right now! Check out my stylist friend Lisa’s website and shop here.

What are your big goals this year? Share them in the comments below! 🙂

Have an amazing week everyone!

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Disclaimer: I purchased this box with my own money and all thoughts and opinions are honest and , of course, my own.