Unboxing + Review: FabFitFun Spring 2017

fabfitfun spring 2017


I hope everyone had a great Canada Day weekend! And a Happy 4th of July to our American Friends too!

This is a bit late. My goal was to get this posted before I went on vacation! But it was so busy leading up to vacation that I just didn’t get a chance to finish. So here it is! My apologies. I’m home now from a week away camping in the BC Kootenay’s and back to blogging! And work, let’s not forget that. 😉

Honestly, FabFitFun is still one of my favourite subscriptions. It only comes four times a year, as the seasons change, but for the most part, I really like what I have received in the past. The FabFitFun Spring box was no different!

FabFitFun is a seasonal lifestyle subscription box that contains everything from beauty to fitness items. If you would like to try this subscription, please use my link here.


fabfitfun spring 2017


First off, I am loving how each box comes in a design now. Now pretty is the one for Spring? There are also a number of variations when it comes to the box design. Second, I love that the box comes with a magazine. It’s everything from a product card and more! 


fabfitfun spring 2017


fabfitfun spring 2017


For spring, FabFitFun introduced a new feature called “Choice”. With Choice, all members are given the chance to choose a few items in theri ox based on their personal preference. They provide you with a bit of a teaser as to what the items might be so that you can choose one OR choose them all! Additional Choice items can be added to your box for $10 each, while supplies last.

For this box, the Choice was between two jewelry items. They gave us vague hints. Being the jewelry lover I am, I chose both. You don’t actually get to see what they look like before you select them but I will reveal and cover both pieces below. 😉

Anyways, let’s get to it. Here is what I received for Spring. 🙂


fabfitfun spring 2017 briogeo


First up is the hair care product I received. The Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray ($20.00 USD) is said to add softness and shien to your hair. What I really like is that it also helps with frizz and, as an additional bonus, shields your hair from heat and UV rays. Perfect for summer and tropical holidays! This is a full sized bottle which is one of the perks of FFF – full sized products! Plus, I really like the scent. This was a win for me.


fabfitfun spring 2017 dr. brandt


Next, I also received a couple of skin care products. The first one is the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator ($79.00 USD). I’m sure I have tried a deluxe size of this before but it was from ipsy and came in a black tube. If I remember correctly, I really liked it. It is a lightweight cream and you don’t need to use much to use it effectively to exfoliate your skin. It is pretty gentle and is said to fade dark spots and minimize lines and wrinkles. I haven’t opened this yet because I have other exfoliators on the go… I will use this once I finish those.


fabfitfun spring 2017 karuna


I also received the Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask ($28.00 USD, four masks). My skin is normal right now so I will have to save this for another time. It is said to help dry, dehydrated skin. It is a deep-conditioning sheet mask made of 100% natural wood-pulp fiber. This would have been great to have during the winter! Either way, I love sheet masks and always keep them on hand.


fabfitfun spring 2017 realher


Moving on to makeup, I received the RealHer Lip Kit in Neutral Pink ($48.00 USD). Boy, was I ever glad to see this set! The deep red set is too red for my liking and the deep nude set likely would have been too nude or brown for me. At least the pink works for me! This set includes a lipstick, lip gloss and a lip pencil. It’s made from natural ingredients which is a plus! I plan on writing a review just on this set so I won’t say too much yet but I will say that I do like it! 


fabfitfun spring 2017 deborah lippmann

fabfitfun spring 2017 deborah lippmann


Next up is nails. I got the Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set in Shape of My Heart (light pink) and Like a Virgin (white) ($19.00 USD). I have a few Deborah Lippmann polishes and I really like the formulation. They don’t chip right away and have been long lasting for me… I hope these are the same! These pastel shades are great for summer. I also like that these are minis as I have never in my life EVEr finished a bottle of nail polish! Minis are totally fine by me!


fabfitfun spring 2017 gypsy 05

fabfitfun spring 2017 gypsy 05


I received two lifestyle items in my Spring box. The first one is the Gypsy 05 Roundie in the yellow pattern ($50.00 USD). Round blankets seem to be very popular right now so FFF sure got it right by including this in the box! Made of 100% cotton, this roundie blanket is perfect for picnics or trips to the beach. It measures 62.5″ in diameter and has a tassel trim all around the edge. It comes in many designs. This will come in very useful this summer!


fabfitfun spring 2017 milly


Next is a zip pouch from Milly with the saying “Haute Mess” ($45.00 USD) on it! And you know, some days I just am! A haute mess that is. 😉 The huge plus that differentiates this bag from my other ones is that it’s water resistant. It’s a good sized bag too! You can use it too keep wet swimwear in it or to tote your liquids around during your travels which is what I did during the last week on my holidays. It sure came in handy! It also has a wrist loop so you don’t lose it. Overall, this is such a great bag!

fabfitfun spring 2017 emerald duv

fabfitfun spring 2017 luv aj


The final item that was in the Spring box was the Choice item – a jewelry piece. Or in my case, two jewelry pieces! For my Choice pick, I chose the Emerald Duv “Joshua Tree” Cage Bracelet ($80.00 USD) at first but then decided I wanted both so I also received the Luv AJ Diamond Kite Crawler Earring Set ($85.00 USD) for an extra $10.00 USD. I’m glad I got both because I would have kicked myself if I just received one. The cage bracelet is beautiful! It is a larger cuff but is still delicate looking. It is comfortable and light to wear. And the earrings are a lovely rose gold! I have always wanted crawler earrings so this is a great set to start with. Overall, I’m very happy with both jewelry items I received! 

So that’s it! That’s all that came in the Spring box. The total value of my Spring FabFitFun box was $454.00 USD. That is insane. I will certainly be using everything I received so for me it was worth it. 

What was your fave item from the Spring FabFitFun box? 🙂

Have a great rest of the week everyone! 

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Disclaimer: I pay for this subscription with my own money.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post contains referral links.