Review: COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Matte Finishing Powder and Soft Touch Concealer (BzzAgent)

BzzAgent CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Review


Now that we’re into a New Year, I can finally relax and reflect on the past year… including the last month which was so busy that it felt like an absolute whirlwind of a time!

I don’t know about you but I sure do appreciate makeup that can keep up with life without having to reapply it throughout the day. I’m talking comfortable and convenient. So when I received the chance to opt into this BzzAgent campaign, I jumped at it! It looked promising! I mean, a matte finishing powder and a concealer? I knew I could put these to good use!

I received two new COVERGIRL products from BzzAgent just before my Hawaiian vacation at the end of November – the parcel came the day before we left! I was so busy packing that I didn’t have much time to even look at the parcel. When we got home, it was well into December and also well into the holiday season! It was the perfect timing to start testing and trying out these two products!

Before I go into my experience and review, let’s take a look at each product.


The Products & First Impressions

I received two new COVERGIRL products. The first item I received in my BzzKit was the COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Matte Finishing Powder. This pressed finishing powder formula  is a

Lightweight, silky-smooth powder formula that gives a perfectly matte finish. Helps control shine hour after hour. Matte shine control.

It is also oil free and won’t clog your pores. I often use a setting powder when I put on foundation or a BB cream but I have never tried a tinted setting powder. They have always been transparent. This one will be a first because it’s not transparent. I received the shade 830 Light to Medium to test. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be too light for me or not.

The packaging is not my favorite. It is a plastic compact that comes with a mirror… though, I do wish that the mirror was a little bit larger! It also comes with a powder puff that you can use to apply the finishing powder. I love the size of it because you can easily put this in your purse for touch ups.


BzzAgent CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Review


The second item I received was the COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Soft Touch Concealer.  This is

A concealer with a soft touch tip for gentle application and a lasting formula that gives you a smooth matte finish that lasts all day.

It is said to instantly erase the appearance of dark circles and blemishes, is oil free and won’t clog your pores. I typically use a concealer on my undereye area and to cover blemishes to even out my skin colour.

The packaging is a squeeze tube with a soft touch sponge tip as the applicator. This type of packaging makes it easy to control the amount of concealer being used. Just squeeze lightly… just enough so that you have the right amount of product. Then you just dab or draw the concealer onto your face.  The sponge tip is very soft and comfortable to use. This packaging makes it SO easy to us! The shade I received was in 820 Light. I will admit that my first impression of this was that it was going to be too light for me.


BzzAgent CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Review

Now that we have seen what the products are, let’s take a look of the AM-to-PM test I used to evaluate how well each one of these worked for me.


Putting it to the Test

The holiday season can get pretty crazy. Crazy busy, that is! Whether you are shopping for presents or groceries, preparing lavish holiday dinners or going to your office Christmas party or just a gathering at a friend’s place, life can get pretty hectic and busy in December. There are times where you will just be constantly on the go! I thought this would be the perfect time to put these products to the test! After all, they claim to last all day.

By the time I chose this “Test Day”, I had already been using both the Outlast All-Day Matte Finishing Powder and Soft Touch Concealer for about two weeks. I decided to document my day on Instagram.

I get up really early because I get to work really early. After applying my morning routine skincare which consists of a toner, serum and moisturizer, I used the Soft Touch Concealer under my eyes and on a couple of hormonal blemishes I had that day. It is super easy to apply. I just squeezed a bit of product out of the tube, drew a few lines under each eye and on each blemish then buffed it using my Sedona Lace round top brush which is great for applying cream products.

I wore my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup foundation all over my face, also applying it with my Sedona Lace round top brush. Once I finished applying my foundation, I used the powder puff that was included in the Finishing Powder to apply it on top of my concealer.

This is what I looked like at 6:30 am.

This day was particularly busier than usual.

As usual, I spent over eight hours at work. That’s pretty much an average work day for me. I work in an office environment and in my job, every day is different! On this particular day, I had a couple of meetings throughout the day so I was running around a bit but then I also had some desk time to get some work done.

By noon, I checked on it and it looked fine. No touch up necessary as it was pretty much the same as it had been five hours ago. So far so good!

After work, I went Christmas shopping! I walked around a very busy mall in a winter jacket, carrying many bags for around three hours. At this point, I thought I was going to overheat in my winter jacket and was wondering if my makeup was starting to melt off my face!  It was a very long day and I was happy to be going home with the Christmas presents I bought that night. Mission accomplished!

Once I got home, I took another picture. This is how it looked at 8:30 pm. 14 hours after I first put the concealer and finishing powder on. I did have a few spots that were starting to be shiny but it wasn’t that bad. I looked tired but both the concealer and finishing powder held up! Overall, both products seemed to have performed really well as my makeup still looked great at the end of the day!



At 8 pm: following up on my post from this morning, I tested out both the @covergirl Outlast All Day Concealer and Outlast All Day Matte Finish Powder from @BzzAgent. I put it on at around 6:30 am and proceeded with my day which consisted of 8+ hours at work, 3+ hours walking around Christmas shopping in a winter jacket. Face is a bit shiny in some spots but otherwise my makeup still looked pretty good! I may look a bit tired, too – it was a long busy day! Look for my actual review on the blog SOON! #nofilter #AllDayFlawless #GotItFree #bzzagent #covergirl #foundation #concealer #settingpowder #loveofmakeup #newproduct #beauty #makeupobsessed #makeupaddict #igmakeup #igbeauty #instamakeup #instabeauty #beautyblogger #beautyblog #canadianblogger #yegblogger #makeuplover

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The Verdict

So at the end of the day, I’m really happy with both the COVERGIRL All-Day Outlast Soft Touch Concealer and Matte Finishing Powder. There was a lot to love about both products! They were both very long lasting which is great for those who are on the go because it means less touch up are required as you go about your day. The concealer was still concealing and the finishing powder kept my fact from getting shiny for most of the day.

The concealer was super easy to use. I loved how I could control the amount of product I was using. It comes in a 10 ml squeeze tube so there is lots of product here and it should last you awhile! Light was actually the perfect shade for me to conceal my dark undereye circles and blemishes. It blended in easily and made my skin look great! It was also super light while still providing me with the coverage I deisred and it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. It wasn’t sticky and blended perfectly.

The finishing powder was also pretty great. I have tried applying it with the powder puff and with a large fluffy blush brush and both methods work well. It’s super easy to apply and it doesn’t look powdery on my skin. At first I was concerned that the shade Light to Medium was going to be too light and would wash out my skin – especially after I had tanned quite a bit from my holiday in Hawaii – but the shade was perfect! This product does the job in keeping my skin in check and not oily throughout the day. Plus, these are readily available at wherever you can find COVERGIRL products. I haven’t done much shopping this year (due to my no buy) but I have seen these at Shoppers Drug Mart already.


BzzAgent CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Review


Overall, I love both these products! I will – and have! – continue to use these products pretty much daily! In hindsight, I now wish I had brought theses along with me on my vacation! I would definitely repurchase both of these and recommend them to others – like you! My lovely readers. 🙂

Thank you BzzAgent and COVERGIRL for this excellent opportunity to try new products and discover two products that I probably wouldn’t have tried on my own! Discovering new amazing products and potential “holy grail items” is what I love about being a blogger!

Have you tried these products yet? What do you think?

ipsy august 2016

Review Summary

Product: COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Matte Finishing Powder
Rating: 5/5
Repurchase? Yes, Yes, Yes!
Pros: Great price point, readily available in stores, long lasting, did a great job keeping my makeup looking fresh all day
Cons: Packaging seems a bit cheap and it has a small mirror


Product: COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Soft Touch Concealer
Rating: 5/5
Repurchase? Yes, Yes, Yes!
Pros: Great price point, readily available in stores, long lasting, good coverage, the squeeze tube packaging makes it super easy to use and control the amount of product you use, soft touch tip is comfortable to use and gentle on your skin, medium to full coverage
Cons: Not sure… this is slowly becoming a holy grail item to me! No complaints here. 🙂


Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and I received the products mentioned in this blog post for free from BzzAgent and COVERGIRL. All thoughts and opinions in this post are honest and what I truly think about the product. #GotItFree











Review: Nivea Must Haves – ChickAdvisor

chickadvisor nivea must haves


I have heard of the Nivea brand for as long as I can remember! I remember my Mom used to buy the classic Nivea Creme when I was little. It is a tried and true brand that has been around and has lasting power. Personally, I have not used many Nivea products yet… but we are about to change that!

I recently had the opportunity to try out a handful of Nivea products through ChickAdvisor’s Product Review Club. Five Nivea products were included in the Nivea Must Haves Campaign and I was excited to try each and every one!

The first product I tried when I received this package in the mail were the Nivea Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes. I figured, it was the end of the day and it was time to remove my makeup so, why not?


chickadvisor nivea must haves


This is a brand new product to the Nivea product line. Each cloth has the signature Nivea Creme scent! The cleansing cloth is very, very soft and gentle on your skin. It’s not at all abrasive. It does remove most of my makeup, however, I still felt the need to cleanse my face to get a more thorough cleansing after using the cleansing wipes. Leading me to what I tried next…

The Nivea Creme Care All-in-One Facial Cleansing Lotion was the perfect “next step” in my night time skincare routine. How convenient! This is also a brand new product and it is said to have “skin- friendly ingredients” that “cleanses face and eyes thoroughly while protecting skin’s natural moisture balance.” That sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Now that the weather is getting colder and the skin is getting drier here in Alberta, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered!


chickadvisor nivea must haves


When I squeezed some of the cleansing lotion onto my hand, I noticed right away that it also had the signature scent of Nivea Creme. (I’m sensing a trend here!) Application  was smooth and it does feel like a lotion on my skin. This concerned me at first because I wasn’t sure if it would rinse off easily but I was wrong. I was rinsed it off with ease and my face felt very soft. As if I already had a moisturizer on. I was pretty happy with it.

The next product is a classic. The Nivea Creme is the original moisturizer that kick started everything! You can use it on your body, face or hands and it comes in numerous sizes (400 ml, 250 ml, 150 ml). It’s a very rich and thick moisturizing cream so it’s awesome for dry skin. I like how small this tin is. I will be adding this to the makeup bag that I keep in my purse for those moments when I need a hand cream.


chickadvisor nivea must haves


So what’s next? Oh yes, the Nivea Protect & Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant. I am usually a fan of gel anti-perspirants but this solid is pretty good! It has a nice, light scent and it works great as an everyday anti-perspirant. It is still effective even when I’m working out AFTER work… roughtly 10 hours after I first apply this after my shower in the morning! So I really can’t complain.


chickadvisor nivea must haves


And I have saved the best for last! Honestly, this product is the biggest surprise to me. As you may already know, I’m a big lip balm junkie! I keep one in my purse, my makeup vanity, my nightstand… all the important places where I may need a lip balm! So when I received the Nivea Essential Lip Balm, I was intrigued. I’ve seen this product in stores but I never had the urge to try it. Now that I have, all I have to say is – what took me so long??? I love this lip balm! It’s super hydrating! A great addition to my lip balm collection just in time for winter! To be perfectly honest, this lip balm has not left my purse since I first put it in there for “testing purposes” the day I received my package from ChickAdvisor. I use it every single day. LOVE!


chickadvisor nivea must haves


Overall, I was just so impressed with the Nivea Must Haves! ChickAdvisor doesn’t fail me when they send me these awesome boxes to try and I am just so thankful for the opportunity. 🙂

Have you tried any of these Nivea Must Haves? What’s your fave product? Or if you haven’t tried anything yet, what are you looking forward to trying?

’till next time, friends!

ipsy august 2016

Disclaimer: The products mentioned were sent to me by ChickAdvisor and Nivea for free in exchange for my honest opinion. A blog post was not required but I thought these products were great so I wanted to share with my readers. 🙂



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Review: Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer

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It has been a very busy June with work and camping and, of course, a trip to Las Vegas to see two of our dearest friends get married! It was such a great time!

But I’ve been back to reality for a few weeks now and with that, I have started blogging again. I missed it. 🙂 And what better topic to blog about than the new (new to me?) Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer. Why? Well… just because, I guess. And quite honestly, the five days I spent in Las Vegas was absolutely perfect when it came to test driving a new foundation! This one in particular, to be exact. We’ll get to why a little later.

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I saw the tarte Glam Goodies Discovery Set come and go on Sephora’s website so many times before I finally caved and ordered it when I saw it again during the VIB Rouge sale in early April. Talk about good timing! Not only is tarte cosmetics one of my fave brands, in my eyes it had three things going for it:

  1. It included a Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint. This has always peaked my curiosity but never purchased it. The lippie lover in me was happy to finally get to try it!
  2. The Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara that everyone seems to be talking about. I wanted to see what the big deal was.
  3. The Tartelette Tease Eyeshadow Palette is adorable! I wasn’t sure if it was worth $25 CAN by itself but when I saw it in this kit, I thought why not?

I almost didn’t write a review because this kit is no longer available online (though, I did see it in stores so you can try your luck there) but decided to do it anyways because everything is still available individually. Now let’s take a closer look at each product.

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