Unboxing + Review: ipsy June 2017 Volume Up

ipsy june 2017


While I wait for my July ipsy bag to arrive, let’s take a look at what was in my June bag! 

June’s theme was Volume Up which is represented by an illustration of a smiling mouth sporting red lips. The description of the bag is

This loud and proud pouch is a not-so-subtle reminder to *always* speak your mind!


ipsy june 2017

ipsy june 2017


The design of this month’s bag, while cute, is not my favourite. Though I must say it is made with a nice material. Like all ipsy bags, it’s the perfect size to keep all the small stuff in your purse together and organized in your purse. I’m talking things such as lipsticks, lipbalms and whatever else you want to keep in it.

While the bag itself was only okay for me, the contents of my June bag proved to be more exciting!

The first item I received was the Beauty For Real I-LINE 24-7 Eyeliner in the shade Chocolate Fix ($14.00 USD). My first exposure to this brand was in my Spring 2017 FabFitFun box. I was quite pleased with the lip products I tried so I’m excited to try more from this brand. It is a gel eyeliner said to last all day long. That would be great! The shade Chocolate Fix is a dark chocolate brown that is matte. I really like brown eyeliners for a less dramatic daytime look. Looking forward to trying this one!


ipsy june 2017 beauty for real


Next is the Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash with White Willow Bark ($4.00 USD, 20 ml). I have tried products from this brand before and I always enjoy them. This is a super mild foam cleanser that is great for all skin types. Glacial water and botanicals are supposed to help sooth, revitalize and detoxify your skin. This deluxe sample is coming at the perfect time for me! I’m slowly running out of face cleansers. Score!


ipsy june 2017 skyn iceland


I love lippies so I was happy to see this next item! The Vasanti Cosmetics Power Oils Lip Gloss in Super Mom ($6.76 CAN, 2 g) is fab! It’s not only a lip gloss but it’s also a lip treatment, too. It has healing and nourishing natural oils. This is a hydrating lip gloss in a pink nude shade that is perfect for all occasions! And you don’t have to be a mom to wear Super Mom. Do Cat Mom’s count? It really is great shade for all!


ipsy june 2017 vasanti


I also received theBalm Cosmetics INSTAIN Long-Wearing Staining Powder Blush in the shade Pinstripe ($4.00 USD, 1 g). You know how I have a love-hate opinion of these samples… “love” because I think they are a great brand with great products and cute packaging so I’m always willing to try something new from them but “hate” because their samples are so darned small! Anyways, about this blush – this is a powder blush that is supposed to be super long lasting (hence the word “stain” in the name). Pinstripe is a nice deep rose colour. I like this shade a lot. I just wish it was larger!

ipsy june 2017 thebalm

ipsy june 2017 thebalm


And last but not least, I received the Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara in Black ($9.77 USD, 6 ml). Of course I would receive a mascara when I’m currently sporting lash extensions and can’t use it! And the open mascaras I have are only for my bottom lashes right now so this one will have to wait. The Doucce mascara seems to have good reviews so I will have to try it when I’m back to just natural lashes again. I mean, who can say no to volumizing mascara?


ipsy june 2017 doucce


That’s all for June! I thought it was a decent bag. Valued at $46.94 CAD (based on today’s exchange rate), it’s not a bad haul.. especially since I will use everything here! Not too shabby at all! 

Like what you see here and would like to try ipsy? This subscription is $10.00 USD  a month in the US and $10.00 USD + $4.00 USD shipping for Canadians. You get a mix of skincare, makeup and haircare deluxe and full sized products. And you get a different style of bag each month. If you are interested in trying this subscription, please use my link here. ?


ipsy june 2017


Do you sub to ipsy? What was your fave item from June? Not subbing to ipsy? Want to try it? Let me know in the comments below! <3

ipsy august 2016

Disclaimer: I pay for this subscription with my own money.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post contains referral links.


Unboxing + Review: Glow Getter Spring 2017

glow getter box spring 2017


Hello friends! There’s a new subscription box in town and it’s called Glow Getter!

Glow Getter (http://www.glowgetter.net) is a seasonal subscription box that ships to your door quarterly as the seasons change. You get four boxes a year and each box contains six or more full-sized products. 

Glow Getter is not your typical beauty box. In fact, it leans more towards being a lifestyle box because it features everything from beauty products to accessories to lifestyle and wellness items. Everything which is seasonally appropriate, of course!

This subscription costs $56.00 CAD per season which includes all taxes and shipping. While this is a Canadian subscription service, it is also available to those who are in the United States.

I was super excited to see this subscription box come to life. I am in a number of beauty groups with Natasha, Glow Getter’s founder, so my anticipation was high with this one! I was very happy to see it in my mailbox!

The Spring Glow Getter box contains items from both Canada and the United States. It is a mix of beauty, skincare, body care, jewelry, lifestyle and wellness products. Whew, that was a mouthful! 🙂 Totally worth it because what a great mix for spring! Let’s take a peek at what I received. There were eight products and a bonus item so we have a lot to go through today! 


glow getter box spring 2017


The first item in my box was a Coconut Cream Bath Bomb from Spell Craft Bath ($8.00 CAD). This is a full-sized bath bomb in the shape of a white heart. I’m definitely looking forward to trying this one out. This smells divine! But then again, I adore coconut scents… it reminds me of vacation! And pina coladas. OR my new fave drink that I discovered in Hawaii called a Lava Flow. Delish! 😉 These bath bombs claim to keep your skin smooth and hydrating because they contain the following oils: grapeseed, coconut and vitamin E. This looks like it’s the perfect thing to use during the colder and drier months… especially here in Alberta! Please note that other subscribers may have received this product in the scent Pink Sands.

Next up is  an item for your home. This hand poured Soy Candle in Garden Mint from Heirloom Candles ($5.00 CAD, 2 oz). It’s so cute! It is not overly minty or overly floral but it is a good balance. I love this scent because it reminds me of my mint plants in my garden. I love keeping mint in my garden so that I can infuse it in my drinking water. The scent is so fresh! This candle will come in very handy when I try the bath bomb. Soothing, relaxing baths and candles are complimentary and go so great together!

The first beauty item I received was the Manna Kadar Paradise Blush ($25.00 CAD). If you can recall, I received this in my January ipsy and I already very much like it! (A swatch of this shade can also be found on the ipsy unboxing post.). It’s a very nice pearlized pink blush that you can lightly put on your cheekbone or build up for more colour. It’s very versatile in that manner. This is already in my vanity and in rotation so I may keep this one as a back up!


glow getter box spring 2017


Next, let’s talk skincare! I received a full-sized bottle of Delia Organics’ Restore Treatment ($40.00 CAD, 30 ml). This is a very light and very quick absorbing facial oil. You don’t need to use very much as a little goes a long way! I love that this is 100% natural and that it’s fragrance free. This will appeal to a lot of people! It is said to soften fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate your skin… among a number of other things! I can definitely say that it does absorb very quickly and that it is not at all greasy.  I am finding it very nice on my skin. I don’t often use facial oils but this one has impressed me so I will continue to use it.

The wellness product in January was a Larabar in the Peanut Butter flavour ($3.00 CAD, 48 g). I have never tried this energy bar before but I’ve seen this around at Shoppers Drug Mart and my local grocery establishments so it’s easy to get ahold of if you end up falling in love with it. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was curious! I Plus, I adore peanut butter so I am happy I received this flavour! I will likely take this bar to work for those hunger emergencies during busy days where I am running from meeting to meeting. It doesn’t happy every day but it does happen! Or I will try it before a workout. We’ll see! 


glow getter box spring 2017


I love jewelry! So I was super happy to see that a Day and Co Jewelry Hand Stamped Bracelet ($24.00 CAD) was included in the Spring Box! Each bracelet is hand stamped with a different saying and were available in three metals: copper, aluminum and brass. The one I received was in brass and it says “Let Your Light Shine”. So cute and so inspirational! It is very light and it does bend so if you’re like me and have super small wrists, you can do a little bit of adjustments to make it fit so that it won’t fall off. The fact that it came with a cleaning cloth is great, too. Can I just say that this is also a local brand from right here in Alberta? I love being able to support local businesses so I’m super happy to see one of them make it into the Glow Getter box! 


glow getter box spring 2017


I did receive another makeup product. The Skone Cosmetics Luxe Doubler Eye and Lip Pencil in Girlypink ($16.00 CAD) is a multi-purpose pencil! Lip liner, eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow… you name it, you can  use it that way! But knowing my personal preference when it comes to pink shades, I will likely only use this on my lips. It’s very rare that I use these bolder pinks on my eyes. Girlypink will work with a lot of my rose and berry lip colours.

I have used this next skin care product before and I really do love this product! The Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator ($6.00 CAD, 20 g deluxe size) is an amazing exfoliating cleanser! I have used up one of these tubes before and I’m on my second one now. I’m glad that I now have a backup for what was my backup! 😉 At 20 g in size, this is the only non-full-sized product in this box but that’s okay! In my experience, my last tube lasted a long, long time. A little goes a long way for sure. I find this to be such a gentle scrub that works and I found it to work well on my skin. This was already a big fave of mine so I was happy to see this. As much as I love being exposed to new products, I also love to see favorites, as well.


glow getter box spring 2017


The last item I am going to write about is a bonus item in this box. It is another product from Skone Cosmetics and it is their Smudger Brush ($20.00 CAD). This brush is a lot smaller than my other smudger brushes but that’s a good thing. This one looks like it will be great to use for smaller details such as applying or smudging eyeliner or for add some detail to the corners of your eyes. The bristles feels dense but are soft so that if you do use it on your eyes, you’re not poking your eyes out with prickly bristles. I think I will really like this brush!


glow getter box spring 2017

glow getter box spring 2017


Oh wait! I am not quite done yet. Some of you may have noticed this in my Instagram teaser post but there is something pink in the middle of the box. It is shaped kinda like a diamond but I wasn’t really sure what it was for. So I asked Natasha and it turns out that it serves multiple purposes. Not only does it help keep the box from getting crushed while it’s on it’s way to you, once you receive it, it can also be used in a variety of ways. You can flip it on its side and use it to keep your Beauty Blender clean or put a tea light underneath it and it becomes decorative. 


glow getter box spring 2017


I also love that these two tea recipe cards were included in the box. This is a great idea! I love teas myself so I will definitely be trying out these detox tea recipes. 

And that, my friends, wraps up our unboxing the the Spring 2017 Glow Getter box today. The total value of this box, including the bonus, was $147.00 CAD which I think is fab! It is worth it for the amount I paid and I found the products to be of quality. I was super impressed with the variety you can find in this box! It really does feature a little bit of everything which is fab! I was super happy with this inaugural Spring 2017 box from Glow Getter that I am really looking forward to seeing what is in store for us for summer!

If you are interested in subscribing to Glow Getter, use the code glow5 to get $5 off! There are still a few spring boxes available so if you like what you saw in this post, jump to it! If you don’t get the spring box, ,your first box will be a Welcome Box.

What was your favorite product from the Spring Glow Getter box? 

Hope you are all having an amazing week! A new post will be up soon. 🙂

ipsy august 2016

Disclaimer: I pay for this subscription with my own money.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post does not contain any referral links.


ipsy glam bag July 2015 “Summer Lovin’” Unboxing and Review

My July ipsy glam bag came very, very late in July. July 27th, to be exact. But it came! And really, that’s all that matters.

July’s theme was “Summer Lovin'”. The bag itself is colourful and fun and perfect for summer!

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Birchbox Canada Unboxing – December 2014

I was hoping to post my next Body Shop 24 Days of Joy advent calendar post but that one is still in the works! It has been a hectic week finishing up some Christmas shopping, tidying up the house and other random things. However, I was so excited to receive my first box from Birchbox Canada that I just couldn’t help but do a quick and dirty unboxing post. 😉

First off, to Birchbox Canada, welcome! There are many Canadian beauty fanatics that are happy you are here! Now, after seeing the many Birchbox unboxing posts from American beauty bloggers, how excited was I to learn that they were finally coming to Canada? Very excited! I had just cancelled Beauty Box 5 so it was good timing, too. So what did I say to this? “Sign me up!”

why hello there!
why hello there!

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription containing 4-5 deluxe samples (and sometimes full products!) that can consist of makeup, skincare, body and hair products. Each box is personalized and curated based on the answers you give when you create your beauty profile upon sign up. The box costs $10.00 CAN a month plus $4.95 CAN for shipping or it is $159.40 CAN annually.

birchbox comes to canada!
birchbox comes to canada!

From what I can see on the site, this subscription box has some great features. First off, if you really like something that you receive in your monthly box, you can find it in their shop! Another plus for this subscription is their rewards program. You can earn Birchbox Points from purchases from the shop, reviews on your samples and referrals. You can then use these points in the shop at the rate of $10 for every 100 BirchBox Points.



birchbox_dec2014_4 copy

Upon first impression, the packaging is simple yet elegant. The theme for December is “Decked Out” – a box that will “help you start the celebrations a little early.” The product card also shows that you can get $10 off at the GAP – score! More details to come on that since there weren’t any specific instructions on how to redeem the discount.

Update on 12/26/2014 @ 8:45 PM MT: I still had not received the coupon code for the GAP promotion so I contacted Birchbox Canada. They have advised that the cards included in the December 2014 Canadian Birchbox was meant for the US boxes so it was a mistake and unfortunately, they cannot offer the GAP offer to their Canadian customers.

Without further adieu, let’s move on to the December 2014 Birchbox Canada Unboxing!

introducing... canada's first birchbox
introducing… canada’s first birchbox

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave In Conditioner
The Card Says: Best-selling elixir that locks in color, protects from heat damage, and adds silkiness.
Full Size: $26.00 CAN for 8 oz. Sample Size: Unknown.

As someone who uses heat styling products on a regular basis, I was very glad to see that I received this. I have not heard of this brand before so this is a new exposure to me. I like that it is also a detangler. This, along with my Tangle Teezer, should be a great pair. Excellent packaging, as well. Perfect size for travel and you can definitely refill the bottle when you run out. I have already tried it for a few days now and I love it! It also smells great! 🙂

beauty protector protect and detangle leave in conditioner
beauty protector protect and detangle leave in conditioner

Benefit Cosmetics Lollitint Lip & Cheek Stain
The Card Says: Lip and cheek stain in a candy-orchid hue that blends in easily for long-lasting color.
Full size: $36.00 CAN for 0.42 fl oz. Sample Size: $6.86 CAN for 0.08 fl oz.

You can’t go wrong with a Benefit product in your box. They are a well known brand and their tints are great too! I have tried Benetint (the red one) before which I thought was nice. Not my favorite but I didn’t hate it either. This sample of Lollitint is rather small but it is enough for you to see if you would like to purchase the full sized product. Swatching this on my hand, I think I will like this more as a lip gloss than a cheek tint. It is a berry color and I love berry shades of gloss!

benefit lollitint
benefit lollitint

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner in Black
The Card Says: A luxe, creamy liner from the NYC-based designer for smudge-proof, all-day wear.
Full Size: $18.00 CAN for 0.04 oz. Sample Size: $13.50 CAN for 0.03 oz.

I have heard of this brand but have not tried anything from it. So again, this is a new brand to me! This sample size is not that much smaller than the full sized pencil, which is great! Mine came in black and seeing as I have so many black eyeliners at the moment, we’ll see how much use this will get. I also prefer liquid liner. But hey, this is the first Cynthia Rowley product I own so just on that alone, I will likely try it. 🙂

cynthia rowley beauty eyeliner
cynthia rowley beauty eyeliner

Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream
The Card Says: Infused with the best-selling citrus-floral scent, this hydrator leaves skin silky-smooth.
Full Size: $26.00 CAN for 12 oz (355 ml). Sample Size: $1.10 for 15 ml.

I received a sample of the Harvey Prince Hello perfume in one of my Beauty Box 5’s and loved it so much that I ended up buying the full size of the perfume! So that statement alone shows how glad I was when I received a sample of the body cream! I just adore the smell of this body cream! The one thing I didn’t like was that 15 ml is too small of a sample for a body cream… it should be bigger! 🙂 I tried it as a hand cream and it soaked into my skin quickly, made my dry winter hands soft and it smells amazing! Out of all the products I received in my box this month, I think this one is the one I would most likely purchase in full size. Love this.

harvey prince hello body cream
harvey prince hello body cream

Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
The Card Says: This customer fave mimics the effects of microdermabrasion for glowing, smooth skin.
Full Size: $34.00 CAN for 120g. Sample Size: $5.67 CAN for 20g

I have read great things about this product! Upon first impression, it does smell nice. It has a very subtle scent. I like that it is an exfoliator because right now I need just that: a good exfoliator. At the moment, I have extremely dry skin due to the harsh winter conditions so I am going to be careful when I use any new face products. This will either be a blessing or a curse depending on how my skin reacts! I will have to take it slow with this one…

vasanti cosmetics brightenup! enzymatic face rejuvenator
vasanti cosmetics brightenup! enzymatic face rejuvenator


So that’s it. The first Canadian Birchbox has excellent value! A $27.13 CAN worth of value to be exact… without even considering the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle since I don’t know what the sample size amount is to get an exact value amount for it. Overall, I am impressed.

birchbox canada december 2014 product card
birchbox canada december 2014 product card

The only thing I’m not a fan of is that they use UPS to deliver the boxes and that I had to sign for it. I think I was just lucky to beat the UPS guy home by 5 minutes! Had it been earlier in the day, I would have been at work and I’m pretty sure I would’ve had to go to the depot to pick it up… I have no idea where the depot is! I don’t think it’s conveniently nearby. If they shipped via Canada Post, it would be super convenient as I would just have to pick it up at the nearest post office like I do with my other subs. But that’s it. That’s all I don’t like about it and it really doesn’t have anything to do with the products in the box!

They say first impressions are key to a successful relationship. Let’s hope the quality continues into the New Year!

Did you get a Birchbox this month? What did you get? Are you pleased with this new beauty box available to Canadians? Let me know in the comments below!

If you are interested in trying out Birchbox Canada, please use my link here.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

xoxoDisclaimer: I purchased this box with my own money. The thoughts expressed in this unboxing post are mine and mine alone. This post contains referral links.